Peace in the Present

Today I realized something about peace and that is that peace is found in the present. 

I have found that the more I can be



and faithful

in the here and now the more peace I tend to have. 

And this makes sense when we consider that the two major thieves of peace are regret and anxiety. Is there any other things that take away our peace more than regret and anxiety? I can't think of anything.

Regret tries to get you to live in your past by filling your mind with thoughts like

Why did I do that?

If only I would have listened.

I wish I didn't do _________.

Anxiety steals your peace by trying to get you to live in your future. It does this by filling your mind with thoughts like

What if I don't find the right person to marry?

What if I don't get that job? What will I do?

What if I fail?

I think the reason regret and anxiety are stealers of peace is because regret and anxiety attempt to convince you that you can change your past and control you future. Like trying to grab a wave it crashes right past me and nothing I can do will make the next wave come any faster.

Because you can't change the past.

And you can't control your future. Let's be honest, you can't even guarantee your future.

“Regret is found when we try and live in the past. 
Anxiety is found when we try and live in the future.
Peace is found when we live in the present.
But what you do control is your present. What is within your grasp is the here and now. This very moment is yours to do with as you please. And I don't know about you but that is incredibly freeing to know. It's freeing to know that life is not dependent on me changing my past or on my ability to control my future. 

Your present will soon become a new memory. Enjoy it and make it a good one.

Your present is your future arrived. Notice how it found you without your help?

Peace is found in letting go of the two things you will never control. Your past and your future. @@Peace is found in grabbing a hold of the only thing you can control – your present.@@

Be here.

Be now.

Be at peace. 

Travis Clark