This too shall pass

Recently I came across the book IF by Mark Batterson. This book takes apart Romans 8 challenging the reader to "trade in their If Only regrets, and turn them into What If possibilities.”

There is a point in the book where Batterson points out a phrase, "this too shall pass.” This phrase is used 436 times in the King James Version of the Bible. If you know me I am not a huge numbers girl, but something about the amount of times this phrase is used caught my attention. "This too shall pass.”

It's as if the authors who put this down throughout Scripture wanted to remind us that whatever we had gone through or are going through, there is grace and hope. Whether your regretting a certain instance in your life or chained to an old habit, our God is sovereign and gracious and has freed you. It has passed. Batterson encouraged readers that if their is a job you are waiting to hear back on or a dream you can not shake, hold onto it, it will come to pass. In the midst of the "passing" time, I have been challenged to not get frustrated while I wait. Instead, I have been challenged to be bold and fervent in prayer.

Far too often I pray puny prayers, instead of audacious powerful prayers. God is not intimated by my prayers or yours. Why not pray for that miracle you need and not food to be blessed. Our country is in desperate need for fervent, courageous, and bold prayers too. If it's any time to step up into powerful prayers, it's now. Our country is crying out for this time to pass. And it WILL. There IS hope. The best IS yet to come.

And "if God is for us, who can be against us?!"That deserves an Amen at the end if I don't say so myself.

Travis Clark